Educational Service Centers Risk Funding Trust

| ESCRFT is a specialized insurance cooperative for public school districts in Indiana
Utilizing a spirit of respect and cooperation, the mission of the Educational Service Centers Risk Funding Trust (ESCRFT) is to reduce and stabilize long-term costs of property, liability and workers' compensation insurance for Indiana schools and related educational organizations by providing an alternative risk management program that is self-governed and transparent.
• More Competitive Pricing - power of pool membership negotiating leverage v. single school system results in lower premiums
• Broadest Coverage Terms - several unique extensions of coverage not typical to standard carrier forms
• Better Resources - service providers are directly responsible to the pool and not an insurance company, resulting in more focused and effective resources
| Hear from our members.
This past summer we had a terrible storm go through our district at Union North that knocked out our power and destroyed our servers.  If we did not have both ESCRFT and AJ Gallagher's guidance and backing, then we would have lost thousands of dollars and valuable time.  These groups worked together seamlessly to get us back on track.  We cannot thank them enough.

Mitchell Mawhorter, Ed.S.


Union North United School Corporation

Destin L. Haas, Ed.S.


North Newton School Corporation

This trust not only lowers our yearly cost, but has been effective in resolving matters quickly.

Donna Burroughs, Ed.S.


Triton Community School Corporation

ESCRFT's quality of coverage and stability in pricing provided MSD of Mt. Vernon a much-needed alternative to the commercial P&C market.  We now have better coverage for less cost, and the premiums have been level and predictable since we joined.  Thanks, ESCRFT!

Loren Evans

Director of Business and Technology

MSD of Mt. Vernon

I was very impressed with the service we received from ESCRFT when we had a bus accident.  There were no hassles,   just immediate assistance and cooperation. This is most appreciated!