Contact Directory

Executive Committee

ESCRFT's Executive Committee is made up of seven (7) representative/Trustees from current pool membership.  ESCRFT by-laws require two (2) Co-chairs that lead the Executive Committee, one being a current ESC Director and one from the ranks of current Superintendent or other school system representatives. 

Gallagher Service Team

Arthur J. Gallagher is engaged as the ESCRFT program administrator and broker.  As such, they are responsible for design and structure of the program as well as supporting insurance protection, negotiated annually.  Gallagher takes the lead in arrangement and content of all Trust organizational meetings.  Gallagher also is a key component to our growth strategy in communicating with prospective schools throughout the state.

Chris Lueders
Area Executive Vice President
(630) 694-5182 (P)
(630) 285-4062 (F)

Katie Navin, CISR Elite, CLCS
Senior Client Service Manager
(630) 228-6665 (P)
(630) 285-4062 (F)

Laura O'Malley
Account Executive - Key Accounts
(630) 228-6717 (P)
(630) 285-4062 (F)

Therese O’Brien
Account Executive
(262) 792-2262 (P)

Local Service Team

Mark Aldous
Area Vice President
(317) 810-4380 (P)

Adam Adler
Senior Client Executive
(317) 810-4377 (P)

Allison Turner
Client Service Executive - Supervisor
(317) 860-0343

Loss Prevention Team

Tom Schoenberger
Area Manager - Risk Control
(614) 519-1940 (P)

Claims Team

Claims - JWF Specialty, Inc.
Toll Free: 800-359-6659
(all claims except workers’ compensation)

Don Howe
Vice President of Claims
Phone: (317) 706-9577

Sandy Fralich
Account Coordinator, VP of Bus. Development & Client Services
Phone: (317) 706-9592


Kim Twiehaus
Property Claim Specialist
Phone: (317) 706-9525
24 Hour Contact Info: 317-313-9141


Maggie Harris
WC Claims Specialist
(317) 706-9565 (P)
(678) 394-0188 (F) 

Crystal Huffman
WC Claims Backup
(317) 706-9567 (P)
(317) 588-2615 (F)

Mike Ramsey
WC Claims Manager
(317) 706-9566 (P)


Carmen Overton
Claims Specialist, II
(317) 706-9507 (P)
(317) 588-2612 (F)

Paul Berntsen
Sr. Liability Claims Specialist - Liability/SBLL
(317) 706-9596 (P)
(317) 588-2629 (F)

Blair Libby
Liability Claims Manager
(317) 706-9555 (P)

Chris Longest
Liability Claims Supervisor
(317) 706-9509 (P)

Don Howe
Vice President of Claims
(317) 706-9577

Sandy Fralich
Account Coordinator, VP of Bus. Development & Client Services
(317) 706-9592


Legal counsel to the Trust is provided by Bose McKinney & Evans, LLP.  Bose McKinney is a Highly reputable firm with notable specialization in education and public, not-for-profit business segments.



"Being a member of ESCRFT has proven to be a value-added experience for our school district, not only because of the significant savings realized in our bottom line, but the services provided are efficient and comprehensive. The ESCRFT team is delightful to work with and works tirelessly to meet our needs. We are so grateful for our partnership!"

Laura Hammack, Superintendent, Brown County Schools